Great Muslims of the West
Makers of Western Islam

‘By focusing on contributions by giants from the West who were also Muslims, this book debunks the myth that Muslims have been recently introduced to notions of democracy and individualism… solid introduction to Muslims, who hold their faith and society in harmony.’

Booklist, USA.

‘A remarkably lucid and thoroughly well-documented book. It provides the first major scholarly collation of Western Muslim biographies and challenges common assumptions and popular prejudices, enriching our comprehension of contemporary Islam.’

The Muslim World Book Review, United Kingdom.

‘A wealth of information about 75 Muslims who impacted Western civilization [and] also provides correctives to dominant narratives.’

Dawn Newspaper, Pakistan.

‘The author of this book has an encyclopaedic overview of history spanning his previous works. He has a remarkable ability to explain and present history, from which readers can draw insight and learn lessons.’

The Muslim News, United Kingdom.

‘Khan’s selection of individuals embodying the book’s subject is far-reaching and fascinating.’ "

Al-Bilad, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

‘Offers much needed sense of belonging to all Muslims born and raised in the West.’

Islamic Horizons, USA.

‘The Great Muslims of the West is a work of great synthesis covering the lives and works of 50 prominent Muslims of the West spanning more than a millennium.’

Professor Enes Karic, University of Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina.

‘Great Muslims of the West is a unique and impressive work on the Muslim history of the Western world.’

Professor Syed Mahmudul Hasan, formerly of University of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

The Muslim Heritage of Bengal
The Lives, Thoughts and Achievements of Great Muslim Scholars, Writers and Reformers of Bangladesh and West Bengal

‘Informed, informative… very strongly recommended.’

Mid-West Book Reviews, USA.

‘The author deserves highest applaud for bring out this book for general readers for whom not much is available in English about the cultural founders of the Muslims of Bengal.’

The Muslim World Book Review, United Kingdom.

‘With a straightforward and lucid style of language, this book is highly informative and beneficial to students, general readers as well as research scholars and academics.’

Islam and Muslim Societies: A Social Science Journal, India.

‘This book is a great contribution to the vista of knowledge… the lucidity of language and richness of materials [and] scholarly approach of the author is highly appreciated.’

Journal of Islamic Research, Bangladesh.

‘This book is a treasure of histories… it will serve as an important reference for a multitude of personal and institutional projects in this area…’

The Muslim News, United Kingdom.

The Muslim 100
The Lives, Thoughts and Achievements of the Most Influential Muslims in History

‘The Muslim 100 is of immeasurable value. Like a mini-encyclopaedia, Khan’s book provides succinct biographies with innovative insights… This book will be especially useful for public libraries.’

The Publisher’s Weekly, New York (USA).

‘Bold in its assertions, encyclopaedic in its scope and monumentally effective in its approach, this book will inform, inspire and stimulate its readers, and also generate much discussion and debate in the Muslim world and the West.’

Hajj and Umra Magazine, Ministry of Hajj, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

‘The Muslim 100 has filled a gap in modern Islamic authorship… it is recommended especially to Muslim youth’.

Dr Farid El-Shayyal, formerly of Markfield Institute of Higher Education, United Kingdom.

‘It is rare to see a publication which includes personalities from both Shi’a and Sunni schools of thought and which is so much needed in today’s turbulent world.’

Ahmed J. Versi, Chief Editor of The Muslim News, United Kingdom.

‘The Muslim 100 bears testimony to the intellect, deep assimilation and facile pen of the researcher …Khan deserves commendation for this contribution…’

Professor Emeritus AKM Yaqub Ali, Department of Islamic History and Culture, University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh.

***The Muslim 100 is listed No. 2 on New York Public Library’s ‘Best of 100’ for 2012***